Volume 7(1)

Volume 7(1), Spring 2020

Editorial (Contents, Editorial Commissions, From the Editor)  M.Zafer Balbağ


 The Opinions of Provincial Teacher Trainers of Support Training Room on Teacher Needs Regarding Special Talented Students 

        Ahmet Onur Çobanoğlu , Salih Zeki Genç  / Research Article


 Teachers' Views on the Use of Social Media: New Generation Surveillance Mechanism 

       Çiğdem Altun , Fatih Çetin , Emel Zengin , Hamit Özen / Research Article


         Examination of The Cognitive Structures of The Secondary School Eighth-Grade Students RegardingSome Concepts In Electricity Through The Word Association Test 

               M. Zafer Balbağ , Ersin Karademir / Research Article


        The Effectiveness of the Jigsaw Instruction Method for Teaching Quadrilaterals in Middle School               

               Akan Volkan Çalık , Ahmet Kaçar / Research Article


       Usage of Intangible Cultural Heritage Elements in Teaching Number Concept for 48-66 Month Old Children 

              Sümeyra Şahin , Emre Ev Çimen   / Research Article


       The Relationship Between Leadership Capacity and Organizational Commitment in Educational Institutions

             Ramazan Sırıklıgil , Gökhan Demirhan  / Research Article


      A Comparison of Learning Style Preferences in E-Learning Environment: A Study of Health Science University Students in Turkey 

             Emin İBİLİ  / Research Article